TimeTec Building
TimeTec Digital Building Ecosystem
Property Management with Ease
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TimeTec Digital Building Ecosystem

TimeTec Tenant App

Main Features


Features for Management in TimeTec Tenant
Visitor Management
Contractor Management
Unit Management
Tenant Management
Security Guard Management
Community Management
Access Control Management
Facility Management
Event Management
E-Notice Board Management


Features for Management in TimeTec Tenant
• House Unit Set Up
• Expense Tracking
• Balance Sheet
• Batch Invoice Creation
• General Ledger
• Trial Balance
• Profit & Loss Statement
• Late Payment Interest Charge
• Customer Group
• Water & Electricity Billing
• Auto Knock Off Invoice with iNeighbour
• Billing for Maintenance Charges, Sinking Fund.
i-Vizit Receptionist Panel

Visitor Management

Security Guard Patrolling System


Live Notification (Late/Miss)
Live GPS/Tracking on guard
SOS Panic Button
Report Incident
Pre-Set Questions on each checkpoints
Live Ad hoc Job Order
Map view on Patrol Route

Device & Checkpoints

IP 68 Rugged Patrolling Device


Map view on Patrol Route
Report at your fingertips
Higher Engagement with Security Guard
Prevent Unwanted Patrolling Report Alteration
Data Stored in a Secure Server
Water Resistance
Shock Resistance
Dust Resistance
Up to 20 Hours Battery
Walkie-Talkie PTT

Near Field Commerce

Engaging Tenants and Merchants Nearby
• Advertiser modules
• Ad-space integrated with iNeighbour, i-Merchants & Tenant App
• Administration platform
• Automated ads publishing & billing
• Merchant listing and management module
• Merchant self-service platform
• Integrated with iNeighbour & Tenant App
• Sequential listing based on GPS locations
• Integrated with i-Ad module.
• Embedded e-Commerce platform for iNeighbour & TimeTec Tenant App
• Available groupbuy module for community
• Integrated shopping cart and payment module
• Integrated with community visitor management
• system for delivery automation
• Community group and volume purchase
• Reduce extra packaging & carbon footprint
• Reduce cost & selling price
• Multiple purchase, one delivery

Parking Management

TimeTec Parking Kiosk
License Plate Recognition
• Parking Management System
• Casual and Season Parking
• Terminal Management System
• Cashless Parking
• Long range access controls
• 3 different methods of access
• Need not to wind down your windows
• Cardless & Contactless
• Hassle free for entering and exit
• Anti-Passback system

Parking Management

Engaging Tenants and Merchants Nearby
Asset/ Facility/ Property
Parts & Inventory Management
Work Orders
Work Requests
Preventive Maintenance
Maintenance Check lists
Workflow Automation

Parking Management

Engaging Tenants and Merchants Nearby

Parking Management